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Stop breathing dust. Professional dust extraction on site and in the workshop

“I’m John and I’m a kitchen and bathroom fitter, but I’m not a stupid one.

Well, not anymore.

I work with silica on a daily basis. It's in all the concrete I mix, all the thinset I use, every tile I cut, and in every box of grout.

I’d work 10 hour days until the air was so thick with dust I couldn’t see where I was cutting. Nobody told me that dust is toxic and can lead to disease and even death when inhaled in large quantities. Take my advice and consider it all life threatening. 

I once saw a guy cutting brick with a 14 inch saw for about a week. He never hooked up the water because he hated how it soaked his legs. I saw him a few years later and he was on an oxygen tank. He was only 37.

Don't breathe dust. Because the future-you will hate the past-you. That's hard to get, and that's why no one gets it. Trust me. I used to be stupid about dust. But I'm 40 now, I got a family and wanna be around for ‘em. And honestly, I wouldn't mind sticking around a bit longer to enjoy what I built with My friends, and my family.”

We hear stories like the above every day and John’s experience is typical of many tradesmen. Some know about the dangers of dust, and some don't. 

Tile dust, also known as crystalline silica dust, is a basic component of tile, stone, grout, sand, concrete, mortar (thin set), and brick. Not only is it extremely toxic, but if dust isn’t properly controlled on the job it will find every nook and cranny to stick on. Your clients will complain when all the surfaces in their home are covered in dust. It’s also time-consuming to clean and can delay your work deadline by hours or days.

Professional grade dust extractors are the smartest way to keep dust and invisible toxins from starting to spread in the first place… but they can be bulky, noisy, and expensive.

That’s precisely why we’ve developed the most powerful and lightweight extractor on the market.

The Dustblocker DB450 can achieve an impressive 95% dust reduction in your work area, and it weighs less than a cinder block. Its dual voltage feature gives you the ability to plug in on-site to 110V one day, and in your own workshop using 230V the next. It is ecologically friendly and can clean an incredible amount of dust from the air, either by re-circulation through an internal HEPA air filter or by extraction.

The DB450 is made to run 24/7 and can be used as a permanent or mobile air scrubbing solution. It can also be easily connected to kitchen extractor ducting or toilet waste pipes to create a negative pressure environment and prevent dust escaping into other areas.

This unit is built to last and will integrate perfectly into any modern-day tradesman's tool kit.

At MAXVAC we strive to deliver equipment that works as hard as you do.

If you work with tile, stone, or other materials that produce dust, you owe it to yourself and your clients to see how the Dustblocker DB450 works.

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