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Dusttool Shrouds

Collects dust at source. The perfect attachment.

The Drilling shrouds are designed to make dust free drilling simple and easy. When connected to any suitable M class vacuum they will extract the dust from the hole being drilled giving not only dust free drilling but a longer Diamond/Drill bit life and a faster drill. The shrouds have a vacuum chamber which enables them to hold themselves to the wall and you to drill using both hands.

The angle grinder cutting shrouds are designed to optimise collection of dust yet provide an excellent field of vision, ensuring clean accurate cutting and ease of following lines. Designed to fit 4, 5, 7 & 9 inch (115, 125, 180 & 230mm) Angle Grinders, it is the perfect solution for all angle grinder work. It is easily fitted using a specially designed adaptor for each grinder model.

The grinder Shroud is designed for flooring professionals. The shroud has been crafted to allow grinding to an edge whilst maximising dust extraction. Designed to fit 4 & 5 inch grinders it is the perfect solution for all your edgework. Taking only 60 seconds to fit it is extremely quick and efficient.
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