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Supra Industrial Vacuum

High airflow extractors big performance on compact dimensions

The Supra range of larger industrial vacuums includes vacuums for floor prep, extractors for larger saws and machines, 3 phase high airflow extractors, compressed air powered vacuums and ATEX vacuums. With huge adaptability and customisation, MAXVAC creates the perfect dust extraction system for every situation. With a massive selection of hoses, cuffs, attachments and filters, we also offer spares for all our custom-built vacuums.

Cleaning work is carried out in every production area, from small merchants to large-scale industries. To this day, the industrial vacuum cleaner is the best solution to collect dust, solids and liquids safely and to process waste. The industrial vacuum cleaner must be powerful, safe and reliable and offers the right solution for every requirement and material. The entire product range is equipped with powerful suction motors and large-area class M or H filters (filtration efficiency up to 1 micron).
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