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Innovation in Dust Management

Long history of experience with professional vacuums & dust extraction equipment leads the world with innovation on effective dust collection devices.

Dust Management

No matter what industry you are in, there is always dust you cannot see

As specialists in dust management, MAXVAC offers a broad spectrum of solutions that are suited to deal with any given dust issue. By taking air quality measurements in affected areas, the dust concentrations are identified and based on the analytical outcome of the collected data, the ideal Dustblocker can be provided or adapted to bring the dust levels down to the recommended workplace exposure levels.

‍Considering the very strict regulation of 0.075 mg per m³ of silica dust in the breathing zone of a user (corresponds with a volume of 0.5 cm silica dust in a plastic coffee cup in a room with a surface area of a football pitch and a height of 4 metres!). It is virtually impossible to meet these strict requirements without using room cleaners, such as the Dustblocker range that are specifically developed for this purpose.

Under virtually all circumstances, Dustblockers are able to provide great results. This is essential for the construction supervisor, considering the announcement by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate that the employer is obliged to prove that exposure to hazardous substances (respirable silica, wood dust, etc) on the workplace remains below the current limit values, whereby the total system (tool, extraction module, vacuum cleaner, water supply) is measured as point of departure.

We are committed to developing the right solution in environmental & ecological cleaning