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The New Standard In Grinder Shrouds

“A big part of my job is sanding paint off metal.

Me and my team are sanding pretty much all day, every day.

I took the business over when my dad retired. He’s the one who taught me the value of hard work.

He’s a tough guy.

One thing he never talked about was being safe around paint and metal dust.

He used to say “In my shop, dust collection is done with nose hair.”

Now that he’s older, I notice he’s struggling to breathe. He’s out of breath after just a couple minutes doing anything.

I practically had to drag him to a doctor to get checked out, and when the doctor came back with the results, it was confirmed his lungs had been seriously damaged from breathing paint dust.

I don’t want to make the same mistakes my dad made.

I want to be able to play with my grandkids when I’m older, I want to live an active life, and I want the people on my team to be safe.”

This story is far too common.

Regular, continuous exposure to paint dust, metal dust, and other types of dust on the job causes irreversible damage to your lungs. Even tiny, invisible particles can cause lung damage, stomach ulcers, and cancer.


Being tough is good; being smart and tough is better

At MAXVAC we’ve been making quality dust mitigation equipment for over 40 years…

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product - because there’s nothing on the market quite like it.


Introducing the MAXVAC MGS-125 Grinder Shroud.

It’s first & only shroud on the market specifically designed for sanding with angle grinders.

This grinder shroud removes dust directly at the source when sanding paint, metal, stone, and other surfaces. Unlike other grinder shrouds, we closed the back of the guard for improved dust capture of 98%.

We’ve cleverly engineered the MGS-125 to give you maximum flexibility with unmatched dust extraction. No more struggling to see working on angles; The MGS-125 provides a superior field of vision that ensures clean, accurate grinding to an edge.

Standard dust shrouds wear out quickly or don’t fit properly onto grinding equipment. This leads to “dust leakage” and exposes everyone in the area. This won’t happen with the MGS-125.

The MGS-125 is lightweight and durable, built with an emphasis on quality that lasts for years.

Features include:

  • Designed to fit 4–5-inch grinders with flap discs and face grinding discs, it's the perfect solution for all grinding work.
  • Quick and easy setup. Attaches securely in 10 seconds
  • Unique vacuum chamber suctions grinder to vertical surfaces, allowing you to operate using both hands

If you’re a professional regularly dealing with job site dust you deserve to protect yourself with the best technology available. The long-term effects of working in dusty environments are hazardous - and can be life threatening.

The MGS-125 is made for more than just paint and metal work. It’s perfect for dust-free grinding of lacquers, plastics (GRP), wood, and stone. It’s an easy-to-use safety attachment that’s essential for the long term health of you and your team.

Don’t spend another day breathing toxic dust - inquire now to get your MGS-125.

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