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World's First Dual Voltage Dustblocker

Are you still trying to remove dust from your working environments using a conventional air movement fan? Unfortunately, in most cases, this is an inadequate solution as often you might only be displacing dust from one side of the room to another, hampering efficiencies and not really improving the working environment at all. Or, as yet, have you done very little to reduce the dust in working environments and still only sweeping up at the end of the day?

To truly protect your employees and yourself from dangerous aerosols or airborne particles, you need an air scrubber or dust extractor. The use of these devices is becoming much more widespread as they significantly eliminate hazardous conditions from the working environment and keep your workers much safer throughout the day. 

If that sounds good, then there is a new product on the market that might be just what you're looking for: the Dustblocker 650. Aside from being a world-class combined air scrubber and extractor with cutting-edge features, it's a piece of completely unique equipment among its competitors.

But, what makes the DB 650 such a unique air cleaning solution? Is it exceptional? What are its main benefits? And, most importantly, who can benefit from using this product in which applications?

We'll answer all these questions and more in this deep-dive of the Dustblocker DB650.


What is the Dustblocker?

The Dustblocker DB650 is an air scrubber / air cleaner developed specifically to remove unseen dust or airborne particles from the working environment. Even in places where it is possible to extract dust at source, a Dustblocker can filter the air where particles can remain suspended for hours and sometimes days. 

In these situations, an air scrubber should be deployed in the area. It runs in the background, continuously collecting, filtering, and either re-circulating or exhausting the cleaned air from the site.

With a range of interchangeable filters, the DB650 can be configured to rid the air of various contaminants. It comes in the form of a single unit that can be operated as a standalone air filtration system or connected to the exhaust system of the room.


Key benefits of the DB650

Due to exceptional take-up of the Dustblocker DB500 and DB900 air scrubber models, we are now extremely excited to launch the new DB650 model. This compact and mobile device incorporates MAXVAC's next generation technology with dual voltage and stepless speed adjustment. 

That being said, several key features make the DB650 stand out among its peers:

  • A compact design: The DB650 is even smaller than its predecessor, the DB500, despite being more powerful.
  • Dual voltage: You can choose to use the DB650 at either 110 & 230 Volt.
  • Performance: Highest performer in its class, including its 650m³/h filtration rate.
  • Easy 3-stage filtering: You can easily modify the DB650 to provide the required filtration for your need, with interchangeable G3, G4, or HEPA H14-Carbon cartridge filters.
  • Variable power adjustment: The 45 - 180W power adjustment capability is unique for products in this size range.
  • Build quality: The DB650 consists of a premium-grade durable and lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Additional ducting: For improved air-circulation and performance in a variety of environments.


Where can the DB650 be used?

The Dustblocker DB650 is a versatile air scrubber cleaner designed to be used in nearly any environment with airborne particles. Being able to filter at a rate of 650m³/h, the DB650 is suitable for spaces between 115 - 216m³ in volume. That means it can filter the entire volume of air in a room up to three times over within 1 hour.

The DB650 can successfully be used for a range of applications, including:

  • Woodworking shops,
  • Spray painting,
  • Machine rooms,
  • Repair workshops,
  • Bakeries,
  • Renovation areas, and
  • Any other situations where silica dust from concrete, brick grout, or mortar may be present


With a compact build and the ability to run quietly, the DB650 is easy to integrate into your dust management solution. It doesn't take up unnecessary space that you need for essential equipment and is easy to pick up and move. Furthermore, it won't produce excessive noise (54 - 67 dB), so your customer won't really know it's in use, but they will notice how clean the site is after you've gone.

Tradespeople across various disciplines benefit from using the DB650, such as carpenters, plumbers, fitters, renovators, and even painters or interior decorators. Its portable and lightweight design makes it suitable for mobile operations or those dependent on on-site visits, whether it's to home, business, or industrial spaces.

You can also deploy the DB650 in a room that requires negative air pressure by attaching the air scrubber to the exhaust system of a sealed room.

Based on its technical specifications, the ideal application would be any situation where up to 50g ambient dust needs to be collected per day. Furthermore, the Dustblocker DB650 is capable of 24-hour operation.


Technical Specifications

Here are the most important technical specifications of the Dustblocker DB650:

Air-Flow (incl. filters) 350 - 650 m³/h
Dimensions 380 x 360 x 375 mm
Filter Type G3 / G4 / HEPA H14-Carbon Cartridge
Hose Connection (Outlet) 150 mm
Noise Level 54 - 67 dB
Power 45 - 180 W
Room Size 115 - 216 m3
Voltage Dual Voltage 110 & 230 Volt
Weight 13 Kg
Warranty 24 Months


The Dustblocker DB650 - Summary

Regardless of your exact environment or application, the DB650 will ably add to your air cleaning arsenal. It's a must-have for many, and despite being very light, it packs a punch in removing large volumes of dust in a given working environment. If you have never used an air scrubber previously, you will be positively amazed at this machine's capabilities.

With its simple 3-stage filtering technology and 650m³/h filtration rate, it will dramatically improve the health and safety of your employees and make any clean up so much easier and less hazardous.

As the world's first dual voltage compact air scrubber, it can achieve incredible results without using up much space or resources. This makes it an outstanding choice, even compared to the best competitors and alternatives on the market.


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