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The Right Dusttool Shroud For Every Use

Are you a craftsman dealing with dust on the job?

There are various types of construction and remodelling work that create enormous amounts of dust as a byproduct. Sanding, grinding, drilling, cutting, chiselling, and hammering tools all generate dust. Job site dust gets everywhere - on equipment, floors, and other surfaces. But it’s more than just a nuisance; it’s extremely toxic for everyone in the area.

There’s a reason workplace safety agencies around the world are growing increasingly concerned about the dangers of dust. Regularly inhaling construction dust can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and silicosis. Studies show that over 2,000,000 construction workers are exposed to toxic dust every year*.

For over 40 years MAXVAC has been a global leader in supplying industries with solutions to maintain safe, healthy working environments. We’ve developed a complete range of dusttool shrouds that are simple to use, allow for maximum visibility, and provide unmatched dust extraction in all situations.

One of the most efficient ways to control dust is to use a shroud on the tool itself. This eliminates dust at source and not only protects your lungs and lengthens the life of your
power tools, it gives unsurpassed visibility and keeps your job site clean. This enables you to deliver a superior quality of work to drastically reduce clean up time and most importantly, keep your team healthy.

Let’s take a look at each of our Dusttool® Shroud offerings and see exactly how they can help you improve quality of life on the job.


Cutting Shrouds

Our line of cutting shrouds are unique and perfect for eliminating dust whilst cutting various materials and mortar raking. Designed by a tradesman, its unique and patented design is extremely robust and lightweight. They are built to allow for the best blade visibility of any shroud on the market and make it simple to cut clean, precise lines.

The AGS-125 & AGS-230 are equipped with universal 32mm vacuum connection and fit most standard angle grinders. Unlike some other shrouds in the market, there’s no restriction to cutting depth, and they provide a strong grip for superior comfort while operating.

  • Designed to fit 4, 5, 7, and 9 inch (115, 125, 180 & 230mm) angle grinders
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Compatible with professional vacuums
  • Class leading MAXVAC dust capture technology

Grinding Shrouds

The MGS-125 is specifically designed for use with flap discs for sanding off metals, paints, and other materials. The shroud has been crafted to allow grinding to an edge whilst maximizing dust extraction. Designed to fit 4 & 5 inch grinders it is the perfect solution for all your edgework. Taking only 60 seconds to fit it is extremely quick and efficient

The SGS-125 is made for flooring professionals, and designed for use when surface grinding with cup grinding blades. It’s fitted with a replaceable brush around the base, is easy to maintain, built to last.


  • Compatible with most 125mm surface grinders
  • Grind to an edge with perfect visibility
  • Quick fit & release system
  • Swivel shroud for edge work

Drilling Shrouds

The CDS-085 & CDS-175 are perfect for drilling large holes with hole saws & core drills. These shrouds have a uniquely designed vacuum chamber which enables them to suction themselves to the wall while in use. This allows you to use both hands while drilling for ultimate freedom and control.

Not only do these attachments eliminate dust from the hole while it's being drilled, but extend the life of the drill bits being used and allow for faster drilling. Perfect for masonry or other drilling jobs.

  • Fits holesaws with diameter up to 85mm 175mm
  • Unique brush system maximizes dust collection
  • Compatible with most holesaws
  • Universal 32mm Vacuum Connection

Impact Shrouds

MAXVAC IMS Hammer Shroud

The MV-IMS Impact Hammer guard is for keeping smaller demolition jobs dust free. It fits easily onto most demolition hammers and allows you to change the chisel easily without removing the dust shroud. It’s ideal for optimal dust extraction when breaking concrete, rock, and other materials.

It comes with 2 lengths of hose to enable use with longer and short chisels.

  • Saves clean up time
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fits most demolition hammers
  • Universal 32mm vacuum connection



The Waletale is a durable nylon attachment that fits easily onto the rim of most mixing buckets. When connected to a suitable vacuum with M or H class filtration, it enables the safe collection of hazardous airborne dusts created during mixing.

Simply connect the Waletale to the vacuum, slide onto the bucket rim and you’re ready to mix. The Waletale is ideal for flooring, tiling, and plastering jobs.
  • Greatly reduces dust exposure on site
  • Available with either 6 or 12mm slots or can be easily modified to fit any mixing bucket.
  • Fully adjustable
  • Dust free mixing

Cleaning Up The Industry

One of the most dangerous factors involved is complacency. Hard-working teams tend to ignore dust because they think it’s not going to harm them.

The reality is, dust from cutting, grinding, drilling, and hammering is extremely dangerous. The consequences of failing to control on-site dust are long-lasting and irreversible respiratory issues.

Layers of dust buildup are easy to spot, but it’s actually the invisible dust particles that are the most dangerous. The smaller the particle, the deeper they penetrate into the body and lungs.

Approximately 12,000 people die each year due to occupational respiratory disease.** These deaths are completely avoidable by properly assessing, controlling, and reviewing dust mitigation procedures.

We have advanced beyond the era of treating dust as an unfortunate inevitability. Our commitment to innovation in dust suppression puts us at the forefront of the industry. The law places responsibility on all those involved in construction work. That means everyone has a role to play when it comes to managing risk.

MAXVAC was created to provide a safe, healthy working environment for every person exposed to job site dust. Our Dusttool Shrouds are unmatched in quality and efficacy, and eliminate dust at the source.


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