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Angle Grinder Shroud Installation Guide

1. Take off the original protection guard (see Note in this respect)

2. Fit both parts of the adaptor ring with the included allen bolts on to the angle grinder. The correct size allen bolts are included with the adaptor ring.

3. Firmly tighten the bolts. It should not be possible to turn the ring by hand.

4. Place the shroud so that the 3 screw holes line up with the threads in the adaptor ring. Insert and tighten the included 4x12mm bolts.

5. Now, loosen one allen bolt of the adaptor ring, insert sufficient locking agent, and then screw the bolt back on again. Repeat for the 2nd bolt but only tighten enough so that the adaptor ring can still rotate if needed.

6. Insert the cover by locating the clip around the screw, then rotate and click the cover into place.