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Our Story

Breathe Deeply, Breathe Safely.

The MAXVAC brand was born in Switzerland to provide maximum performance equipment to deal with dust management and environmental cleaning solutions.

With over 40 years of experience successfully managing dust, we at MAXVAC are extremely passionate about providing environmental & ecological cleaning solutions for a clean and healthy environment.

MAXVAC was created to provide industries with a way to deliver a safe, healthy working environment. Not only does it encourage compliance with global Health and Safety regulations, but it also puts the health and wellbeing of each person at the core. Protecting the workforce and public from the inhalation, swallowing, skin, and eye contact of this often invisible danger; dust.

The innovative technology MAXVAC has allowed us to offer a vast range of solutions to dust management and air purification. Each extractor has been specifically designed to tackle various levels of dust, from silica to flour to MDF. Our powerful extractors may be mighty in cleansing and filtering air, yet they have been expertly designed to use minimal space and are energy efficient. At MAXVAC, we also offer individual site surveys to ensure you get the right extractor to match your needs. By joining us in transforming the air we breathe and work in, we can all breathe deeply and easily, inside or outside.

We are committed to developing the right solution in environmental & ecological cleaning

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