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World First Live Study Proves: MAXVAC® Medi® Air Purifier Effectively Removes Covid-19 Aerosols

MAXVAC® announces this further confirmation of the efficacy of the MAXVAC® Medi 10 range of Covid busting mobile air purifiers. The theory behind the science was accepted, that the Medi® successfully traps & kills the Covid virus, but up until very recently, no published trials had been carried out with Covid itself (just lookalike Viruses). Now the research hospital of Addenbrookes, Cambridge, UK, has provided evidence with a study published on 22nd September 2021. 1)

The key to the success of the Medi® has been a combination of science and engineering. The science was to refine a sequence of filters and UV-C light that could trap and kill the virus. This has been achieved with the development of high flow Alpaire® HEPA filters and advanced Steribreeze® UV-C technology to CLEAN AIR FAST. The engineering was to put this science in an effective compact and secure mobile unit that was easy to use and capable of maintaining the cleaning of very high volumes of air fast. High airflow rates are very important so that the recommended air change scan be achieved, and more air is cleaned of the virus.

MAXVAC® UK Representative Neil Parsons commented, “We have worked closely with a number of Hospitals, Universities, Schools & Councils in the past two years and are thrilled that our Medi® units have received yet another endorsement especially from such a prestigious research hospital as Addenbrookes. Our goal at MAXVAC® remains to continue to find solutions to make our working & living environments safer, and the Medi®’s are part of that journey.”

1) “The removal of airborne SARS-CoV-2and other microbial bioaerosols by air filtration on COVID-19 surge units.” Published 22nd, September 2021. 

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