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The new Dustblocker DB450 for bath & kitchen fitters is here

“I love my job but some days you have to deal with one of  “those” clients…

Like the kitchen remodel I was working on a few months ago where the client was such a perfectionist that nothing could meet their expectations. They were hovering around all the work we were doing and nitpicking every detail.

Or the clients who can’t decide on cabinet colors, flooring, or fixtures. Then once they choose something they keep changing their minds and expect us to do additional work for free.

Yea, some days are harder than others.

But I still get a real sense of pride when I see the results.

There’s nothing quite like going into a kitchen or bathroom remodel and making the vision come to life. 

Most of the time the clients are thrilled with the transformation.

It feels good to be a part of creating that, and knowing that my work is going to be where a family gathers to eat a meal together.

Or where they get ready in the morning. “

At MAXVAC we know the struggles you face every day as a professional kitchen or bath fitter.

And while we can’t help with the difficult clients you may have to work with, we can help you breathe a bit easier on the job.

We’ve just launched a brand new solution for occupational air cleaning that’s never been seen before.

Incredibly portable and weighing less than a cinder block, the Dustblocker DB450 is the only dual voltage systainer box air scrubber in the industry.

If you work with wood, stone, or other materials, the dual voltage feature gives you the ability to plug in on-site to 110V one day, and in your own workshop using 230V the next.

It’s a smaller and more powerful dust extractor than anything else on the market, and it can achieve an impressive 95% dust reduction in your work area, keeping your employees and your business safe.

A new and improved alternative to the Dustblocker DB300 model, the DB450 was designed to be compact and lightweight enough to quickly move from room to room or job to job.

Nothing else like it exists.

The Dustblocker DB450 is ecologically friendly, and can clean an incredible amount of dust from the air, either by re-circulation through an internal Hepa air filter or by extraction.

It’s made to run 24/7 and can be used as a permanent or mobile air scrubbing solution. It can also be easily connected to kitchen extractor ducting or toilet waste pipes to create a negative pressure environment and prevent dust escaping into other areas.

This unit is built to last and will integrate perfectly into any modern day tradesman's tool kit.

The MAXVAC and Dustblocker names mean quality and performance. The DB450 is an innovative solution that was built to keep you and the people you care about safe and healthy for many years to come.

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

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