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MAXVAC and Addex Group To Showcase Cutting-Edge New Dust Control Product at the 2022 UK Concrete Show
Birmingham, UK - Specialist supplier of dust mitigation products to the construction, refurbishment, and service industries, MAXVAC and Addex Group will showcase the launch of their new product - the Dustblocker DB450.

“With over 40 years of experience successfully managing dust, we at MAXVAC are extremely passionate about providing environmental & ecological cleaning solutions for a clean and healthy environment.”

The Dustblocker DB450 is a powerful dual-voltage air scrubber that fits any systainer system. It’s equipped with dual voltage 110v and 230v power, making it easy to use in both domestic & commercial work.

Engineered to work with minimal noise output, the DB450 can be easily used for renovations without disturbing occupants. It’s been developed for ultimate dust extraction - capable of moving large quantities of air quickly.

Its state-of-the-art filtration system meets the highest standards of air purification, protecting your teams and anyone on site from breathing dangerous, invisible dust including crystalline silica.

It’s the newest addition to the MAXVAC and Addex Group line of products which are industry leading in terms of job site dust control and ease of operation.

Whether you’re a national company, regional business, or a small independent contractor, dust mitigation is essential for public health and a regulatory mandate.

Products sold range from the Angle Grinder Dust Shrout to large industrial H-Class vacuums. Our goal is to develop and supply solutions that increase your productivity, ensure compliance, and improve profitability.

The UK Concrete Show is the #1 concrete event in the UK and Europe. With over 200 exhibitors and more than 20 countries represented, it brings product, buyer and seller together to make face-to-face business partnerships.

Visit MAXVAC and Addex near the entrance at stand number 39 to see the Dustblocker DB450 as well as a range of vacuums, dusttool shrouds, real-time air monitors, concrete cutting saws, powerful air scrubbers and more.

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